Voices Carry for Animals #73

Source: Voices Carry for Animals #73 ***Join Us***The PPJ Gazette on line Proudly Promotes ((LIVE)) Marti Oakley TS Radio “Voices Carry for Animals # 73″ on Blog Talk Radio (Internet) Let’s ROCK the Airwaves for Animals Rights! Be a Voice for the Voiceless. ALL Lives Matter including all the animals and ALL Voices Matter! Put a little love in your heart and do your part!!”
TUES- Jan 19th, 2016 at 5:00 pm PST … 6:00 pm MST … 7:00 pm CST … 8:00 pm EST
Hosted By Debbie Dahmer
Guest will be: Jenni James – Counsel for People for Ethical Treatment of Animals -P.E.T.A.
((PRESS)) LISTEN LIVE HERE… Call In # (917) 388-4520 and listen by phone and press 1 to speak…
~~Welcome Aboard Jenni , Callers,& Listeners, and New Listeners to “Voices Carry for Animals #73″~~ PRESS>>FOLLOW on Marti Oakley TS Radio. >>>When there is a new episode you will be notified in your primary email. Please SHARE On Other Social Media Sites to keep watching this Live Radio Show Grow!! Thank You!!~~


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